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The Virtual Nutritionist Healthy Lifestyle provides simple customized training to help participants of all ages and walks of life achieve ongoing success!


Exercise and Fitness

Exercise is the second element of the Virtual Nutritionist Healthy Lifestyle.

No matter what your diet, exercise is essential to enhancing your body’s health.

Taking the time to exercise is important, yet that time can be made more efficient with a plan customized to achieve optimum results.

The Virtual Nutritionist Healthy Lifestyle program includes a personalized exercise plan.

Fitness plans – YES, virtual fitness – Should be included in ALL Healthy Lifestyles.


Plan exercise to help with weight management. – Exercise gives you energy and makes you feel good.

Exercise Raises Your Metabolism Access fitness plans, personalize them, and track your caloric burn out.

Our database has exercises with animations and equivalent caloric burn.

Burn unwanted calories.

Our fitness calculator shows how long you should exercise based on the calories you want to burn using a physical activity.

Your Key Benefits:

  • Exercise at your own pace
  • Create or select your own personalized plan
  • Access our exercise database that includes: aerobics, weight training, stretching, Pilates and more. Learn exercises by watching our animations
  • Use our tools to determine the duration of an exercise to compensate for a caloric intake
  • Access personalized fitness plans from your own personal trainer


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