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                             Nutrition, Performance & Energy Coaching can help!

Designed by leading nutrition, performance and energy expert, dietitian and nutritionist Elaine Hastings created VIRTUAL NUTRITION Coaching to help you with your NUTRITION, PERFORMANCE, ENERGY and TIME.

These are the building blocks to well-being in every day life, and Elaine Hastings can show the easy and effective way to start living a Healthy Lifestyle through customized counseling conveniently accessible via phone, internet and Skype!

Wellness at your finger tips….

Your personal nutrition and energy coach
Your Virtual Nutrition, Performance and Energy Coach is a Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist available to you via phone and internet. Providing you with personalized nutrition coaching according to your medical and diet history. Your Virtual Nutrition Coach will provide a comprehensive nutrition and performance assessment, personalized diet and medical history analysis, menu planning, individual recommendations, lifestyle and behavioral changes to insure a healthy nutrition plan. If your physician has prescribed a special diet for you, or if you want to know if you are eating properly, we can help.

We offer individually nutrition, performance, energy and training with a Nutrition Coach for people of all ages who have specific medical and nutritional needs. You can easily chart your health history through a series of detailed reports. Understand how meals, fitness, and medication affect your health. Choose to view or print reports as a table, graph, or chart.

Whether you are an athlete who wants to enhance performance through proper nutrition or someone struggling to achieve a healthy weight, Virtual Nutrition Coaching is the answer.

YOUR Key Benefits when working with a Virtual Coach:  

  • FREE – Nutrition and Diet Profile
  • Diet Analysis
  • Detailed meal, exercise and supplement plans
  • Access reports and monitor your weight, meal intakes, calories burned, weight and more
  • Bring personalized reports to your health care provider
  • Options to connect directly to a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
  • Create detailed meals and fitness plans in minutes!
  • Choose from hundreds of meal plans
  • Grocery Shopping list auto-created from your meal plans
  • Access our food database that includes branded, ethnic, recipes and chain restaurants
  • See your progress instantly

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Jump Start 3 Month Plan – 3 months paid in full $70 / 3 months 

Jump Start 6 Month Plan – 6 months paid in full $130 / 6 months 

Monthly (pay month to month) $34.95/ month 

If you are hungry for a healthier lifestyle, contact Associates in Nutrition Therapy today!